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‘Ah! Mignard que vous louez bien!’: Le secret et le sacré dans le portrait de Madame de Maintenon

Portrait or Parable?: Pierre Mignard and the Mystery of Madame de Maintenon

Between Pomp and Penitence: Staging Religious Feasts in Counter-Reformation Brussels

The Low Countries, 1400-1830

Victor Plahte Tschudi, Baroque Antiquity: Archaeological Imagination in Early Modern Europe

Patience Materialized: Commemorating the Reestablishment of Peace in the Wake of the Thirty Years War

Review of: Jeffrey M. Muller, Saint Jacob’s Antwerp Art and Counter Reformation in Rubens’s Parish Church (Brill, 2016)

The Portrait as Parable: Pierre Mignard and the secret marriage of Madame de Maintenon

A Marvellous Model of Female Conduct: Judith in Seventeenth-Century France

Religie als sleutel tot succes: De Slag bij Valenciennes door David Teniers de Jonge

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The Temple of Solomon in AR