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Association between oxidized nucleobases and mitochondrial DNA damage with long-term mortality in patients with sepsis

Mitochondrial failure in sepsis: acute mechanisms and long-term consequences

Plasma Free Thiol Levels during Early Sepsis Predict Future Renal Function Decline

Sepsis is associated with mitochondrial DNA damage and a reduced mitochondrial mass in the kidney of patients with sepsis-AKI

A high urea-to-creatinine ratio predicts long-term mortality independent of acute kidney injury among patients hospitalized with an infection

Acute Kidney Injury is Associated with Lowered Plasma-Free Thiol Levels

Deep immune profiling of ovarian tumors identifies minimal MHC-I expression after neoadjuvant chemotherapy as negatively associated with T-cell-dependent outcome

Exploring the pathophysiology of post-sepsis syndrome to identify therapeutic opportunities

A transcriptionally distinct CXCL13+CD103+CD8+ T-cell population is associated with B-cell recruitment and neoantigen load in human cancer

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