prof. dr. ir. E.A.A. (Ellen) Nollen


prof. dr. ir. E.A.A. (Ellen) Nollen


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  1. 1999
  2. van der Leij, FR., Roelofsen, H., Niezen-Koning, KE., Nollen, EAA., & Kuipers, JRG. (1999). Confocal laser scanning microscopy of human skin fibroblasts showing transient expression of a green fluorescent carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 fusion protein. In PA. Quant, & S. Eaton (Eds.), CURRENT VIEWS OF FATTY ACID OXIDATION AND KETOGENESIS (pp. 111-115). (ADVANCES IN EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY; Vol. 466). NEW YORK: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers.
  3. 1997
  4. 1996
  5. Martens, D. E., Nollen, E. A., Hardeveld, M., van der Velden-de Groot, C. A., de Gooijer, C. D., Beuvery, E. C., & Tramper, J. (1996). Death rate in a small air-lift loop reactor of vero cells grown on solid microcarriers and in macroporous microcarriers. Cytotechnology, 21(1), 45-59.
  6. 1994
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