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University Medical Center Groningen

prof. dr. ir. E.A.A. Nollen

prof. dr. ir. E.A.A. Nollen


2014-2019           Ubbo Emmius Fund, Role of SERF in amyloid beta aggregation and toxicity in mouse models for Alzheimer’s disease. € 250,000 (PI)

2012-2016           ERC-starting grant (PDControl, 281622), Protein damage control: regulation of toxic protein aggregation in aging-associated neurodegenerative diseases. € 1.450.000, (PI)

2010-2014           Ubbo Emmius Fund, Link between aging and dementia. € 250,000 (PI)

2010-2014           NWO Meervoud (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) (836.09.001) Protein damage control: the molecular mechanism of storage in intracellular aggregates. € 220,000 (PI)

2008-2010           Prinses Beatrix Fonds (PBF WAR 07-18) Huntington’s disease: hunting for genetic modifiers. € 220,000 (PI)


Funding for postdocs and PhD students to perform research in my team

2013-2016           University of Groningen, Topmaster Fellowship, to PhD student Els Kuiper

2013-2015           Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship, Cellular protein damage control: interactomic analyses of MOAG-4 in C. elegans. € 178,000, to postdoc Alejandro Mata Cabana

2011-2013           Internationaal Parkinson Fonds, Cell to cell transmission of alpha-synuclein: molecular basis of Parkinson’s disease progression. € 205,000, to postdoc Céline Martineau

2011-2012           Hersenstichting Nederland, Unraveling the role of SERF1 and SERF2 in neurodegenerative diseases.  € 22.000, to postdoc Eva Teuling

2010-2014           University of Porto, GABBA fellowship, to PhD student Olga Sin

2010-2011           Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale, Postdoctoral fellowship € 24,000, to postdoc Celine Martineau

2008-2012           University of Groningen, Topmaster Fellowship, to PhD student Annemieke van der Goot

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The Netherlands