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Educational Support and Innovation

Address:Landleven 1
9747 AD Groningen
The Netherlands


Bakalis, dr. L.D.
Project manager & Manager
Beldhuis, dr. H.J.A.
Program and Change Manager Educational Innovation and Strategy
Boer, J.A. de
Employee educational development
Boer, V. de
Advisor Educational Innovation & IT/ Edu-Scientist
Bouma, dr. E.M.C.
Institutional research
Deinum, dr. J.F.
Senior educational advisor and research
Douwes-van Ark, I.M.E.
Educational Specialist
Duim, drs. L.A. van der
Head Educational Support and Innovation
Es, drs. D. van
Statistical officer Exams and assessment
Geertsma, A., MA
Educational Specialist
Hovius, drs. I.D.
Trainer & Educational Advisor
Huizinga, R.H.
Educational Specialist
Huizinga-Walsma, A.
Secretary Educational Support and Innovation
Jong, drs. E. de
Educational development in Assessment
Klunder-Deinum, E., MSc
Adviser | Trainer Higher Education
Koopal, drs. W.Y.
Educational specialist
Kouwenhove, J.F. van
Educational advisor/Course development officer
Maassen, drs. A.J.M.
exam support/processing and educational development
Mulder, drs. J.A.
Coordinator Staff Development Higher Education
Naber, A.L., MSc
Educational applications
Rij, F.B. van, MSc
Trainer/Advisor Higher Education
Scheer, dr. E.A. van der
Institutional Researcher
Spits, drs. T.
MOOC Coordinator, Online learning design specialist
Streppel, A.R., MSc
Trainer/Adviseur Hoger Onderwijs
Til, G.J. van
Business consultant & Coordinator Educational Systems (specialized in Progress/SIS)
Timmer, J.M., MSc
Educational advisor & trainer
Visscher, E., MSc
Educational advisor & trainer
Visser, drs. G.N.
Trainer, Educational Advisor Higher Education
Vissers, S.I.D., MSc
Educational Advisor & trainer
Winnips, dr. J.C.
E-learning coordinator (FEB) / Edu-Scientist (ESI/CIT)
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