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Academic Centre of Psychiatry

Address:Hanzeplein 1
9713 GZ Groningen
The Netherlands


Arts, drs. M.H.L.
Old Age psychiatrist
Bartels-Velthuis, dr. A.A.
Senior researcher/psychologist
Bekhuis, E.
MD/PhD student
Boer, dr. M.K. de
Psychiatrist / researcher
Boerhout, C.
Head of body, art and occupational therapy
Booij, S.H.
Assistant professor
Bos, F.M.
PhD Candidate
Bosch, prof. dr. R.J. van den
Professor Psychiatry
Breeksema, J.J., MA
Researcher / PhD candidate
Brink, dr. R.H.S. van den
Senior researcher at Rob Giel Research Center for mental health services research (
Bruggeman, R.
Professor in Neuropsychiatry of Psychotic Disorders
Castelein, prof. dr. S.
Professor of Recovery from Severe Mental Illness
George, S.V.
Post doctoral researcher
Haarman, B.C.M.
Psychiatrist / Researcher / Head of Program for Mood and Anxiety disorders
Hartman, dr. C.A.
Associate Professor
Jongsma, M.
Research secretariat psychiatry
Klop-Richards, dr. J.S.
Postdoctoral researcher
Kretschmer, dr. T.
Associate Professor
Loo, dr. H.M. van
Postdoctoral Fellow; Resident in Psychiatry
Nederhof, dr. E.
Postdoctoral researcher
Oldehinkel, prof. dr. A.J.
Professor Lifecourse Epidemiology of Common Mental Disorders
Ormel, prof. dr. J.
Professor social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology
Oude Voshaar, prof. dr. R.C.
Professor of Old Age Psychiatry
Riese, dr. H.
Senior Researcher
Rosmalen, prof. dr. J.G.M.
Professor of Psychosomatic Medicine
Schoevers, prof. dr. R.A.
Professor of Psychiatry and Head of Department Psychiatry UMCG
Servaas, dr. M.N.
Postdoctoral Researcher & Health Psychologist
Smit, A.K.
Snippe, dr. E.
Postdoctoral researcher
Stam, E.L.
Medical resident / PhD student
Sytema, dr. S.
Director project Routine Outcome and Quality Assessment
Veen, drs. D.C. van de
Clinical Psychologist / researcher
Veling, dr. W.A.
Psychiatrist, Adjunct Professor Psychiatry
Visser, drs. E.
Senior Researcher
Vries, dr. Y.A. de
Vrijen, dr. C.
Postdoctoral researcher
Wanders, dr. R.B.K.
Postdoctoral researcher
Wardenaar, dr. K.J.
Senior researcher
Zuidersma, M.
Post doc researcher
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