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International Strategy and Relations

Address:Broerstraat 5
9712 CP Groningen
The Netherlands


Bakker, drs. E.A.
Global Capacity Development projects. Internationalization officer
Bakker, M., MSc
Director International Strategy & Relations
Fongers, drs. J.E.
Coordinator for Latin America (UG); Coordinator Internationalization Graduate School of Medical Sciences (UMCG)
Groningen, drs. R.J. van
Senior policy advisor International Cooperation
Haarbrink, E.J.
Project Manager, Coordinator International Cooperation
Houwers, drs. J.D.
Senior Policy Advisor International Cooperation
Knoester-Cao, X., MSc
Policy Advisor International Relations
Sobecka, A.I., MA
Policy Advisor, International Strategy and Relations
Veltmaat, drs. J.A.M.
Senior Policy Advisor International Strategy & Relations. Current specific region/countries: Sub-Saharan Africa. ECA auditor.
Vries, drs. A.J. de
Policy Advisor International Strategy and Relations
Wagenaar, M., MA
Policy Advisor International Strategy and Relations
Zheng, J.
Project Assistant for Asia
Zijlstra, drs. W.
Global South expertise; Project management
Zwaagstra, drs. T.N.
Senior Policy Adviser Southeast Asia
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