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How to find us

Onderwijs en Onderzoek (SER)

Address:Broerstraat 5
9712 CP Groningen
The Netherlands


Bakker, S.M., MA
Project leader Summer & Winter Schools
Bakker, dr. W.
senior policy advisor education and innovation
Constandse, A.C.
Strategic Policy Advisor - Education, Quality Assurance & Student Policy
Grgic, T., MSc
Policy Advisor Educational Strategy & Quality Assurance
Haines, dr. K.B.J.
Senior Curriculum Developer, International Classrooms
Hende, drs. F.M. van den
senior policy advisor and researcher (PhD)
Klein Nagelvoort, R.C.
Director Education, department Strategy Education and Research
Meijer, drs. C.J.F.
Sr. policy advisor educational strategy and quality assurance
Pier, drs. B.H.
Ambtelijk secretaris
Reitsma, S.M., MA
Policy advisor Educational Quality
Ros, J.J., MA
Secretary Strategy Education and Research
Santing, drs. C.H.
Policy Advisor Quality Assurance
Schijf, J.E., MSc
PhD-student & Policy Officer Education
Schokker, T.
Studentassessor of the Board of the University
Siccama-van Loveren, drs. M.L.A.
Consultant HRD/Project leader Integrity training programme
Veenkamp, drs. A.A.
Senior Policy Advisor


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