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Research & Funding

Address:Broerstraat 5
9712 CP Groningen
The Netherlands


Aeilkema, D., MA
Support Officer Industry Relations
Arends, drs. G.J.
Senior consultant Research Funding
Bakker, drs. E.A.
Development Cooperation. Project assistant
Brandt, dr. A., PhD
Policy Advisor - Strategy Department Education & Research
Brustolin, dr. F.
Regional Funding Officer
Douma, N.H., BA
Eisema, M.H., MA
EU Liaison Officer
Finkers, ir. H.J.
Advisor Contract Research and Project Development
Galema, dr. J.B.E.
Director Northern Knowledge University of Groningen
Ganzeveld, dr. ir. K.J.
Director Research Strategy Department for Education & Research
Gennip-Corbier, S.T. van
Secretary Dean of Industry Relations
Haarbrink, E.J.
Project Manager, Coordinator International Cooperation
Hoekstra, drs. M.E.
Executive secretary
Kampen, drs. P.R. van
Deputy director UGNWG
Koopmans, dr. M.
Senior Advisor Strategy Department for Education & Research
Kroodsma, drs. A.E.
Secretary Groningen Graduate Schools
Linssen, dr. A.B.M.
Patent information specialist
Miedema, drs. N.T.
EU Consultant on innovation, research funding & policy
Ocana Noriega, G., PhD
Senior Advisor EU funding/affairs
Otten, R.M., MSc
Finance officer development cooperation, support European grants
Prent, drs. C.S.W.
Director RUG Holding B.V./Senior Business Development Manager
Ranitovic, A., PhD
Societal Impact Specialist & Research Analytics Policy Officer
Rico Vasco da Silva, H.C.
Knowledge and Education Coordinator
Rooij, dr. J.M. van
Senior Adviser Research Policy and Institutional Research, Co-ordinator Research Assessment
Smit, drs. F.R.H.
senior adviser and project manager at Northern Knowledge
Toxopeus, A.
Assistant Patent Manager
Wiersema, dr. B.
Director Operational Management Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome
Wilts, K.
Student Assistant Strategy Department of Education & Research; Administration and Management Office of the Board
Zijlstra, mr. B., MBA
Coordinator IP & Business Development Team
Zijlstra, drs. W.
Development Cooperation. Project management
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