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Long-term improvements in executive functions after frontal-midline theta neurofeedback in a (sub)clinical group

Theta power and functional connectivity as neurophysiological markers of executive functions in individuals with cognitive complaints in daily life

Frontal-midline theta neurofeedback improves some executive functions in a subclinical group

Executive functions and flying performance in pilots

Look who is complaining: Psychological factors predicting subjective cognitive complaints in a large community sample of older adults

Assessing theta neurofeedback training as therapeutic tool to improve executive functioning: A pilot study

Neurofeedback as a treatment intervention in ADHD: current evidence and practice

Self-regulating brain oscillations: A pilot study assessing frontal-midline theta BCI training as therapeutic tool to improve cognitive control in a subclinical group

Towards the development of frontal-midline theta neurofeedback as therapeutic tool for executive dysfunctions

Cognitive Stimulation for Individuals with Parkinson's Disease Dementia Living in Long-Term Care: Preliminary Data from a Randomized Crossover Pilot Study

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