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An automated method for thermal-optical separation of aerosol organic/elemental carbon for 13C analysis at the sub-μgC level: A comprehensive assessment

An independent assessment of uncertainty for radiocarbon analysis with the new generation high-yield accelerator mass spectrometers

Evaluation of a field-deployable Nafion (TM)-based air-drying system for collecting whole air samples and its application to stable isotope measurements of CO2

Radiocarbon Dating at Groningen: New and Updated Chemical Pretreatment Procedures

Determination of the triple oxygen and carbon isotopic composition of CO2 from atomic ion fragments formed in the ion source of the 253 Ultra High-Resolution Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer

H-2 clumped isotope measurements at natural isotopic abundances

Contamination on AMS Sample Targets by Modern Carbon is Inevitable

Radiocarbon analysis of stratospheric CO2 retrieved from AirCore sampling

Radiocarbon: detection, contamination, and determination

Reply to Comment Submitted by Murnick et al. on "Intracavity OptoGalvanic Spectroscopy Not Suitable for Ambient Level Radiocarbon Detection"

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