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Over onsWaar vindt u onsprof. dr. D. (Dimitry) Kochenov

prof. dr. D. Kochenov

Adjunct Hoogleraar Europees Constitutioneel Recht

Prof. Kochenov teaches the following courses in Groningen:

- European Constitutional and Institutional Law Seminar (responsible for the course, together with Prof. Dr. Jurian Langer)

- EU External Relations Law (together with Prof. Dr. L.W. Gormley)

- Research Seminar Legal Writing (together with Prof. Dr. J.P. Mifsud-Bonnici and Prof. Dr. L.W. Gormley)

- European Human Rights Law (together with Prof. Dr. J.P. Mifsud-Bonnici and Dr. J.Morijn)

+ LL.M. and LL.B. theses supervision


Supervision of doctoral students:

Mr. Daniël H.K. Overgaauw, The Netherlands

(Mapping the Principles of EU Law)

Mr. Artur Khachaturian, The Netherlands, Russian Federation

(The Lagal Status of a "Territory for Whose External Relations a Member State of the EU is Responsible")

Mr. Vadim Poleščuk, Estonia

(Discrimination in access to citizenship in the European Union context)


Theses defended under my supervision (as the first promotor):

Dr Elena Basheska, The Principle of Good Neighbourliness in European Law (Defended in November 2014 in front of Prof Christophe Hillion (Leiden and Stockholm); Judge Siniša Rodin (Court of Justice of the European Union); Prof Milada Ana Vachudova (UNC, Chapel Hill)).

I assessed PhD theses as a member of the reading committee in Italy (EUI) and France (Guadeloupe).


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