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prof. dr. D. (Dimitry) Kochenov

Chair in EU Constitutional Law


Prof. Kochenov's research focuses on Comparative and EU Citizenship Law; Principles and Enforcement of EU Law with an emphasis on the Rule of Law; EU External Relations Law, and the Law of the EU's Overseas.

His books include:
- EU Citizenship and Federalism: The Role of Rights (ed., Cambridge, 2017)
- The Enforcement of EU Law and Values (ed. with A Jakab, Oxford, 2017)
- Reinforcing Rule of Law Oversight in the European Union (ed. with C Closa, Cambridge, 2016)
- Good Neighbourly Relations in the European Legal Context (ed. with E Basheska, Nijhoff, 2015)
- Europe's Justice Deficit? (ed. with G de Búrca and A Williams, Oxford: Hart, 2015)
- EU's Shaping of the International Legal Order (ed. with F Amtenbrink, Cambridge, 2013)
- EU Law of the Overseas (ed., Kluwer Law International, 2011)
- Schurende Rechtsordes (ed., with H Bröring et al, Europa Law, 2009)
- EU Enlargement and the Failure of Conditionality (Kluwer Law International, 2009)
The current work focuses on two monorraphs: 'EU Citizenship: Ius Tractum of Many Faces' (on contract, Hart Publshing) and 'Citizenship' (on contract, MIT Press), both in preparation.
Dimitry's most recent edited symposium issue is 'The Great Rule of Law Debate in the EU' (with L.Pech and A. Magen, JCMS 2016)

Prof. Kochenov consults governments and international institutions and organizations. He advised the Maltese Republic on citizenship; the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on the application of EU law in the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom; the European Parliament on the Rule of Law mechanisms; submitted writted evidence to the House of Lords (UK) and FCO's competences review; participated in informal expert discussions on the future of EU citizenship at the European Commission and Ecosoc's working group on the Future of Europe. He reviews manuscripts for Cambridge, Oxford, Hart, Routledge, Rowman & Littlefield and countless journals; assesses grant applications nationally and internationally. Dimitry participates as an expert in national and international litigation, including international commercial arbitration.

Recent key articles:
- (with L. Pech) Better Late than Never? On the Commission's Rule of Law Mechanism and Its First Activation, 54 JCMS 2016, 1062
- EU Law without the Rule of Law, 34 YEL 2015, 74
- EU Citizenship without Duties, 20 ELJ 2014, 482
- Beyond the Cherry Blossoms and the Moon? 62 ICLQ 2013, 97
- (with Sir R.Plender) EU Citizenship: From an Incipient Form to an Incipient Substance? 37 ELRev 2012, 369
- On Options of CItizens and Moral Choices of States 33 Fordham Int'l LJ 2009, 156

Prof. Kochenov held numerous fellowships and visiting professorships worldwide, including, most importantly, Crane Fellowship in Law and Public Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University (2015-2016), which he combined with a Visiting Professorship at the Princeton University Center for Human Values, teaching a seminar on citizenship; Emile Noël Fellowship at the Jean Monnet Center, NYU School of Law (2010) Senior Clough Fellowship at Boston College Law School (2013), Visiting Chair in Private Law (Citizenship) at Università degli drudi di Torino; Osaka Graduate School of Law, York University (Toronto), UNAM Mexico, University of Ljubljana (Slovenija) etc.

Together with Henley & Partners, the leading global citizenship planning law firm and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Prof. Kochenov releases the Quality of Nationality Index: a simple and reliable methodology of measuring the quality of all the world's nationalities meticulously applied. The index received coverage from the Economist Intelligence Unit and the New Yorker Magazine. Prof. Kochenov is a regular contributor to BBC World and Verfassungsblog. He chairs the Investment Migration Council (IMC): the global association of residence and citizenship by investment professionals.

Dimitry graduated from CEU - the Central European University in Budapest. He became an EU citizen while working in Groningen and thanked Her Majesty for that.

Other positions

Chairman of the Board, Investment Migration Council (Geneva, Switzerland)
Founding co-editor: Investment Migration Papers (Geneva, Switzerland)
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Contact information

Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26
9712 EK Groningen
The Netherlands