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D. (Deepti) Dabral, Dr PhD

Deepti Dabral joined Molecular Immunology and Microbiology group at Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute (GBB), the University of Groningen as a Post Doctorate Researcher in late 2019.

She is investigating host-pathogen interactions, with a specific focus on studying the mechanisms that modulate host immunity in urinary tract infections.

She has found that uropathogenic E. coli are genetically diverse likely due to the integration of prophages in their genome among other reasons. These pathogenic E. coli adopt diverse strategies to evade immune clearance and persist in bladder epithelial cells. One such cell type-specific strategy adopted by highly virulent pathogenic strain is regulation of the expression of toxins after sensing iron bioavailability. Interestingly, this strain induces human macrophage death by upregulating the expression of toxins after sensing low label iron in macrophages but persistence in bladder epithelial cells by lowering the expression of toxins in the presence of high labile iron.

These findings are available in a manuscript published in BioRxiv. The manuscript is under peer review at the moment. 

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