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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. C.H. (Claudia) Yamu

prof. dr. C.H. (Claudia) Yamu

Associate Professor with ius promovendi / Director CASUS / Rosalind Franklin Fellow

Claudia is an architect and urban planner. Born in Vienna (Austria), she graduated from architecture school at TU Wien in 2003.  While working at Space Syntax Ltd. London and at the School of Architecture and Planning, TU Wien, Claudia developed her interest for urban planning and design with digital tools. She holds a PhD in Architecture  from TU Vienna connecting architecture, urban planning and computer science and a PhD in Geography in the field of complexity-based modeling and tool development from Université de Besançon (University Alliance Université de Franche-Comté). She holds the chair 'Urban Analytics and Modeling'. 

Claudia is the founding director of CASUS – the Centre for Advanced Studies in Urban Science and Design; further she is the coordinator of the master programme 'Environmental and Infrastructure Planning' and the double degree programme 'Urban Planning, Environment and Infrastructure' with Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia. 

She dedicates her research to the analysis of socio-economic, past and present spatial performances of cities and their metropolitan areas to sketch, simulate and analyze urban sustainable futures as outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There is an urgency for the future city given the precarious situation of climate change and a rapidly growing worldwide population. For designing the future city and to ensure quality of life, she evaluates and rethinks transport & street networks, land use & density and people’s behaviour in public space. She applies different approaches and develops methods and operational analysis tools. Her quantitative approach is complemented by a qualitative investigation allowing her for a holistic analysis and the development of strategic urban planning and design options. She connects her research to debates in academia and practice such as sustainable cities and regions, complexity science, fractal cities, smart cities, healthy and safe cities, low energy cities, compact cities, the just city, and urban morphogenesis. To her, the just, sustainable and socio-economic successful city needs as co-creators citizens and informed decision making from different stakeholders. Thus, her expertise includes further participatory planning and technology. Her research is connected to practice and urban policies. This as urban policies influence the built environment, and vice versa, the generative power of the built environment affects urban policies. Her work is driven by the credo ‘Help planners plan and help decision makers make informed decisions’.  

Expertise: urban informatics, space syntax, digital twins,  tool and method development, mixed methods, participatory planning, and decision support, connected to urban policies.

Claudia is a Visiting Research Scholar at the University of Cambridge (Dec. 2020–Nov. 2021). Furthermore, she is advisory editor for Springer's The Urban Book Series.


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