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C.R. (Chris) van Rugge

PhD Candidate
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+31 50 36 34939 (Office)

Group Norms, Intrinsic Motivation and Sustainable Energy Consumption

The aim of the project is to examine whether more sustainable and cooperative patterns of energy consumption can be driven by group concerns that are internally and/or intrinsically motivated, transcending the need to impose (socially and economically) costly forms of incentives or surveillance.

Using a transdisciplinary approach, bridging psychology and philosophy, we investigate how different facets of autonomous motivation might explain the role that group processes and a social identity play in explaining and fostering sustainable patterns of behaviour.

This project is supervised by the following team:
Prof. dr. Linda Steg
Prof. dr. Russell Spears
Prof. dr. Frank Hindriks

More information about how my PhD project fits within the SCOOP Research Center can be found here.

Funded by SCOOP

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