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How to find us dr. C.M. (Michiel) van der Keur

dr. C.M. van der Keur

Assistant Professor
dr. C.M. van der Keur

In my research, I often use an interdisciplinary approach, combining literary interpretation (intertextuality, metapoetics, genre) with linguistic analysis (pragmatics, narrative structure), against the background of the political and social reality on which the literature reflects. I study how in Latin texts, the reader's interpretation and expectations are steered through a variety of techniques, both literary and linguistic.

An important focus in my research has been Flavian epic, in particular Silius Italicus' Punica; my 2015 dissertation was a commentary on Punica 13, and is currently in the final stages of revision for wider publication. I have written several other articles on the Punica, published in 2013 (on Silius and Statius), 2014 (on metapoetics) and 2019 (with Elina Pyy, on the role of Capua within the Punica). Another project is genre in the Punica, especially the influences of tragedy.

Other projects include literary criticism of Vergil (with articles on similes in Aeneid 10; genre in Aeneid 4), Livy (an article on Livy's intertextuality with the Greek tradition on Thermopylae, with Mathieu de Bakker).

For the current project of the national classics research group The Language of Literature, "Linguistics of Greek and Latin Narrative", I am co-authoring a chapter on Narrative Grammar (Plot Structure).

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Contact information

Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26
9712 EK Groningen
The Netherlands