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C.M. Egger, PhD

My current research agenda is currently structured into four main research projects.

The first project analyses the current reconfigurations of humanitarianism, with a specific focus on the African geopolitical context. My main research plan aims to understand the patterns of humanitarian NGOs creation in Global South states. In the long term, I plan to examine how these creation patterns influence how Global South NGOs conceptualise humanitarian aid norms and position themselves within the international security architecture. This project structures my contribution to the Humanitarian Encyclopedia project I am coordinating together with colleagues from the University of Geneva.

I am developing a second research project in partnership with an interdisciplinary team of political scientists, sociologists  and anthropologists  to analyse the hierarchies of the humanitarian professional field and opinions of humanitarian aid workers on ethical and justice theories as well on globalization.

The third project of my research agenda deals with the analysis of the interrelationship between humanitarian aid, military conflict-management and the study of inter-organizational relations in the international security architecture. The argument developed in my doctoral thesis links these issues by investigating how the 2005 UN-led humanitarian reform which institutionalizes the relationships between States, IGOs and NGOs, enable states to use humanitarian NGOs to further their political and military strategies in conflict settings. In the future, I would like to further elaborate the central theoretical argument of my research stating that multilateral action does not uniquely rests on the needs to provide global public goods – such as humanitarian aid – but is also used by governments as a strategy to implement unpopular policies without bearing the costs of such policies.

A last research project focuses on the analysis of the determinants of political violence used in the name of Islam. I particularly examine the extent to which such violence is triggered by Western states foreign policies in Muslim countries.  

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