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How to find us dr. C. (Carolina) Laureti

dr. C. Laureti

dr. C. Laureti

Work in Progress:

  • "Behavioral Banking: A Theory of the Banking Firm with Time-Inconsistent Depositors" (with A. Szafarz)
  • "Flexible Microfinance Products for Financial Management by the Poor: Evidence from SafeSave" (with A. de Janvry and E. Sadoulet).
  • "Saving with Premeditation: How Poor Households in Bangladesh React to Access to Commitment Savings Accounts" (with M. Volral)
  • "Behavioral Determinants of Savings Decisions” (with A. Szafarz and C. Toma)
  • "Financial Collateral in Microfinance" (with M. Volral)
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