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Insights into promoter-enhanced aqueous phase CO hydrogenation over Co@TiO2 mesoporous nanocomposites

Manganese promotion of a cobalt Fischer-Tropsch catalyst to improve operation at high conversion

Effect of Crystallite Size Distribution on the Oxidation and Re-reduction of Cobalt in the Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis: A Thermodynamic Analysis

Novel single pass biogas-to-diesel process using a Fischer-Tropsch catalyst designed for high conversion

Steam reforming of glycerol for syngas production using Pt-Ni nano particles supported on bimodal porous MgAl2O4

Activity and selectivity of a cobalt-based Fischer-Tropsch catalyst operating at high conversion for once-through biomass-to-liquid operation

Decoupling the deactivation mechanisms of a cobalt Fischer-Tropsch catalyst operated at high conversion and 'simulated' high conversion

Designing new catalysts for synthetic fuels: General discussion

Hydrocarbon conversion in the production of synthetic fuels: General discussion

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