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How to find us dr. C. (Christian) Kirchmeier

dr. C. Kirchmeier

Assistant Professor
dr. C. Kirchmeier

Parabasis: Resistance Against Representation

My current book project is a habilitation thesis on the parabasis as dramaturgical and aesthetical concept in modernity. In its most narrow sense, the parabasis is the theatrical device in which a dramatic character interrupts the fictional frame, breaks the fourth wall, and addresses the audience directly. Since the theater of Romanticism and still during epic and contemporary postdramatic theater, the parabasis functions as a key aesthetic concept that promises to transgress the aesthetic frame and to cause real effects outside the sphere of art. By augmenting the parabasis from a mere dramaturgical to an aesthetical category, I try to show that art works always tend to make use of parabatic forms when they attempt to be political.

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