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prof. dr. C.K. Hemelrijk


1.PhD project (Robin Mills): Optimisation of navigation for intercepting prey during aerial hunting by birds, June 2014 -May 2018

2.PhD project (Valentin Lecheval): Experimental analysis and modelling of interactions in collective motion of fish under disturbance, October 2014 - September 2017

3. PhD project (Fransje van Weerden): Modelling reactions to disturbances in group-living animals, March 2016-2021

4. PhD project (Rolf Storms): Preventing bird strikes: Developing RoboFalcons to deter bird flocks March 2017-March-2021

5. PhD project (Marina Papadopoulou): Towards an understanding of collective escape of bird flocks using computational models, October 2017- October 2021

6. PhD project (Koen Mullers): on ‘The inner dynamics of fish schools under predation’ 1 december 2016-2020

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