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Gaining insight into the determinants of mortality in hospitalized severely malnourished children: a translational and intestine focused approach

Stimulating the tryptophan-NAD+ pathway improves disturbed hepatic metabolic function in a severe malnutrition model in a SIRT1 dependent manner

A reduced-carbohydrate and lactose-free formulation for stabilization among hospitalized children with severe acute malnutrition: A double-blind, randomized controlled trial

Urinary Organic Acids Increase After Clinical Stabilization of Hospitalized Children With Severe Acute Malnutrition

Intestinal pathogen clearance in children with severe acute malnutrition is unrelated to inpatient morbidity

Effectiveness of three commonly used transition phase diets in the inpatient management of children with severe acute malnutrition: A pilot randomized controlled trial in Malawi

Impaired Bile Acid Homeostasis in Children with Severe Acute Malnutrition

Mortality in children with complicated severe acute malnutrition is related to intestinal and systemic inflammation: an observational cohort study

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