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Provoking Thought: A Predictive Processing Account of Critical Thinking and the Effects of Education

Mindfulness Meditation is Associated with Decreases in Partner Negative Affect in Daily Life

The Relative Impact of 15-Minutes of Meditation Compared to a Day of Vacation in Daily Life: An Exploratory Analysis

Chogyam Trungpa

Cultivating Standards of Taste: "Aisthesis" in Liberal Arts and Science Pedagogy

Experimental Approaches to Loving-Kindness Meditation and Mindfulness That Bridge the Gap Between Clinicians and Researchers

Models as scaffolds for understanding.

Tracking Longitudinal Changes in Affect and Mindfulness Caused by Concentration and Loving-kindness Meditation with Hierarchical Linear Modeling

Integrative mysticism

Yearning for God while Living in the World: History, Culture, Neuroscience, and Mystical Experiences

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Study: 15-minutes of meditation associated with similar effects as a day of vacation

Your meditation practice may reduce negative emotions in the people you interact with