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How to find us prof. dr. C.I. (Caroline) Fournet

prof. dr. C.I. (Caroline) Fournet

Professor of comparative criminal law and international justice
prof. dr. C.I. (Caroline) Fournet



Biolaw and International Criminal Law: Towards Interdisciplinary Synergies

Book review - Affective Justice: The International Criminal Court and the Pan-Africanist Pushback By Kamari Maxine Clarke. Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2019.


‘Face to face with horror’: The Tomašica Mass Grave and the Trial of Ratko Mladić

Forensic evidence in atrocity trials: A risky sampling strategy?

Introduction: The Emergence of International Criminal Biolaw: The Vehicle and Web of Interdisciplinary Norm-Synergies

Medical Evidence at the International Criminal Court – Dosage and Contraindications

The Concept of Race in International Criminal Law by Carola Lingaas, Routledge, 2019

The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia: Politics and Ethics in Victim Recognition and Rape Prosecution

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Tiekstra, Jurgen, 'Genocide'

IUN conference honors 70th anniversary of Nuremberg doctors' trials of late 1940s

Srebrenica : déjà vingt ans !

Lorriaux, Aude, ‘Faut-il reconnaître le «féminicide» dans le droit français?’

Radio Interview, CBC Radio, The Sunday Edition, presented by Michael Enright

Engelhart, Katie ‘The last great Nazi trial’

Arnot, Chris, Interview: Caroline Fournet

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