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Mapping Twenty Years of Antimicrobial Resistance Research Trends

Predicting Infection-related Consultations on Intensive Care Units - Development of a Machine Learning Prediction Model

Machine learning in infection management using routine electronic health records: tools, techniques, and reporting of future technologies

The Impacts of Deep Surgical Site Infections on Readmissions, Length of Stay, and Costs: A Matched Case-Control Study Conducted in an Academic Hospital in the Netherlands

The phylogenetic landscape and nosocomial spread of the multidrug-resistant opportunist Stenotrophomonas maltophilia

AMR - An R Package for Working with Antimicrobial Resistance Data

Random glucose sampling as screening tool for diabetes among disadvantaged tuberculosis patients residing in urban slums in India

Rapid Analysis of Diagnostic and Antimicrobial Patterns in R (RadaR): Interactive Open-Source Software App for Infection Management and Antimicrobial Stewardship

Time-Specific Metalearners for the Early Prediction of Sepsis

Development of an interactive open source software application (RadaR) for infection management / antimicrobial stewardship

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