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C.F.G. Netz, MSc

PhD Student
C.F.G. Netz, MSc

Movement strategies and habitat choice in predator-prey coevolution

Predator-prey coevolution and movement behavior have been modelled in a variety of approaches. The advances in the field of individual-based models (IBMs) allow us to introduce more mechanistic complexity and realism than ever before, therefore calling into question common simplifying assumptions of the models in these fields. In this research project, we use a spatially explicit IBM and simple artificial neural networks to (co-)evolve movement strategies of predators and prey. The enhanced degrees of freedom and more complicated genotype-phenotype mapping enable evolution to produce surprising model and individual behavior and complex ecoevolutionary dynamics.

With Hanno Hildenbrandt and Franjo Weissing.

Movement behavior in a dynamically changing environment

Here we want to investigate how movement behavior of a herbivore population evolves under different externally driven regimes of change in resource distribution. The project is loosely based on the publication of Botero et al. 2015

With Luis F.V.V. Boullosa, Pratik Gupte, Hanno Hildenbrandt and Franjo Weissing

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