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Design and experimental studies on squalene-gusperimus nanoparticles for managing immune responses against microencapsulated islets in the immediate posttransplant period

In vitro determination of the immunosuppressive effect, internalization, and release mechanism of squalene-gusperimus nanoparticles for managing inflammatory responses

In Vitro Studies of Squalene-Gusperimus Nanoparticles in Islet-Containing Alginate Microcapsules to Regulate the Immune Response in the Immediate Posttransplant Period

Toll-like receptor 2-modulating pectin-polymers in alginate-based microcapsules attenuate immune responses and support islet-xenograft survival

Design and characterization of Squalene-Gusperimus nanoparticles for modulation of innate immunity

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