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Gonadal steroid levels in rock pigeon eggs do not represent adequately maternal allocation

Maternal egg hormones in the mating context: The effect of pair personality

Coadaptation of offspring begging and parental provisioning: A role for prenatal maternal effects?

Maternal thyroid hormones enhance hatching success but decrease nestling body mass in the rock pigeon (Columba livia)

Dominance-related seasonal song production is unrelated to circulating testosterone in a subtropical songbird

Experimental manipulation of food availability leads to short-term intra-clutch adjustment in egg mass but not in yolk androgen or thyroid hormones

Heritable variation in maternally derived yolk androgens, thyroid hormones and immune factors

Maternal adjustment or constraint: Differential effects of food availability on maternal deposition of macro-nutrients, steroids and thyroid hormones in rock pigeon eggs

Temperature-induced variation in yolk androgen and thyroid hormone levels in avian eggs

Influence of mate preference and laying order on maternal allocation in a monogamous parrot species with extreme hatching asynchrony

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