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B. Zhang

Project title :Ethnic Aspects (Dimensions) of the migration and settlement processes in Northwestern China and the role of urban villages

The research will consist of a comparative study of differences in the migration and settlement process by different ethnic groups in the Northwestern cities in China. Particular attention will be paid to the role of urban villages (using U.V.. in the following paragraphs) within both of these processes. The research will also try to formulate policy suggestions which could be implemented to diminish the problems and obstacles as perceived by migrants and improve the living conditions of the population involved.

In order to describe and analyze the ethnic dimensions of migration process and the driving forces and mechanisms behind the process and the position of the multi-ethnic urban villages in North Western China, the following research questions are identified:

1. What are the factors influencing rural-urban migrants’ intentions of migration and to what extend do these factors influence the people’s intentions of migration through their social networks on the perspective of ethnic minorities in the urban villages in Northwestern China?(The intentions of migration)

2 What are the migrants’ housing issues and income generating activities and how do the immigrants make a living in these urban villages in Northwestern China on the perspective of ethnic minorities and to what extent do the social networks influence their activities and how?

3. How do the immigrants integrate into the host society with using their social networks and to what extend is the integration situations different among the different ethnic groups during the translocalization process? (The intention of settlement)

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