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Assessing the impact of two independent direction-dependent calibration algorithms on the LOFAR 21-cm signal power spectrum: And applications to an observation of a field flanking the North Celestial Pole

A numerical study of 21-cm signal suppression and noise increase in direction-dependent calibration of LOFAR data

Characterization of the AARTFAAC-12 aperture array: Radio source counts at 42 and 61 MHz

Degree-scale galactic radio emission at 122 MHz around the North Celestial Pole with LOFAR-AARTFAAC

Measurements of one-point statistics in 21-cm intensity maps via foreground avoidance strategy

Statistical analysis of the causes of excess variance in the 21 cm signal power spectra obtained with the Low-Frequency Array

Comparing foreground removal techniques for recovery of the LOFAR-EoR 21 cm power spectrum

Peering into the dark (ages) with low-frequency space interferometers

Constraining the intergalactic medium at z ≈ 9.1 using LOFAR Epoch of Reionization observations

Foreground modelling via Gaussian process regression: An application to HERA data

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