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How to find us prof. dr. B.W. (Bert) Hoeksema

Research interests


As a marine biologist, I have strong interests in the taxonomy, ecology, evolution, biogeography, and conservation of reef corals and their associated biota. I obtained my MSc in marine biology from the University of Groningen (1984) and my PhD from Leiden University (1990). My studies on reef corals started during an internship at Naturalis Biodversity Centre (1983), which is my present employer. In June 2019, I was appointed honorary professor in tropical marine biodiversity at the RUG (Naturalis chair).  


A new species of coral-feeding nudibranch (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the Gulf of Thailand

A non-lethal SPME-LC/MS method for the analysis of plastic-associated contaminants in coral reef invertebrates

DNA barcoding of a stowaway reef coral in the international aquarium trade results in a new distribution record

Evolution and biogeography of the Zanclea-Scleractinia symbiosis

Extension of the recorded host range of Caribbean Christmas tree worms (Spirobranchus spp.) with two Scleractinians, a Zoantharian, and an Ascidian

Host-related morphological variation of dwellings inhabited by the crab Domecia acanthophora in the corals Acropora palmata and Millepora complanata (Southern Caribbean)

Fungia fungites (Linnaeus, 1758) (Scleractinia, Fungiidae) is a species complex that conceals large phenotypic variation and a previously unrecognized genus

In memoriam Willem F. Prud’homme van Reine (3 April 1941 – 21 March 2020)

Invasive Alien Species and Their Effects on Marine Animal Forests

Met Naturalis in zee: Bonaire biodivers paradijs

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New discoveries on relationships between host corals, crabs and christmas tree worms

De bedreiging van koraalriffen door trilhaardiertjes

Omgaan met ecologische rouw

De student die zeeslakken telt

Onderwaterleven bij Bonaire onderzocht: nieuwe garnaal én zeeanemonen

Soortgenoten - Bert Hoeksema

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