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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. B.W. (Bert) Hoeksema

Research interests


As a marine biologist, I have strong interests in the taxonomy, ecology, evolution, biogeography, and conservation of reef corals and their associated biota. I obtained my MSc in marine biology from the University of Groningen (1984) and my PhD from Leiden University (1990). My studies on reef corals started during an internship at Naturalis Biodversity Centre (1983), which is my present employer. In June 2019, I was appointed honorary professor in tropical marine biodiversity at the RUG (Naturalis chair).  


Abundance of coral-associated fauna in relation to depth and eutrophication along the leeward side of Curaçao, southern Caribbean

A New Northernmost Distribution Record of the Reef Coral Duncanopsammia axifuga at Bird’s Head Peninsula, West Papua, Indonesia

Black mantle tissue of endolithic mussels (Leiosolenus spp.) is cloaking borehole orifices in Caribbean reef borals

Conclusions of low extinction risk for most species of reef-building corals are premature

Coral diversity matches marine park zonation but not economic value of coral reef sites at St. Eustatius, eastern Caribbean

Diversity, host specificity and biogeography in the Cladocorynidae (Hydrozoa, Capitata), with description of a new genus

Een nieuwe wormslak Petaloconchus spec. voor Caribisch Nederland

Evolution and biogeography of the Zanclea-Scleractinia symbiosis

Evolution and phylogeny of glass-sponge-associated zoantharians, with a description of two new genera and three new species

Feeding behavior of Coralliophila sp. on corals affected by Caribbean Ciliate Infection (CCI): A new possible vector?

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Bert Hoeksema: Koraalrifbiologie uitgelicht

Nieuw gevonden wormslak vormt mogelijk bedreiging voor Caribische koraalriffen

Verwondering onder water

Nieuwe voedselbron voor Caribische koralen ontdekt

Gestippelde zeenaaktslak is een supermodel

Zijn kunstmatige riffen de toekomst?

Zeepaardenhandel in kaart: Kweken gaat steeds beter

Leptoseris troglodyta - Witte grotbewoner

New discoveries on relationships between host corals, crabs and christmas tree worms

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