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How to find us dr. B. (Bram) van Leuveren

dr. B. (Bram) van Leuveren

dr. B. (Bram) van Leuveren



Dr Bram van Leuveren is a cultural historian of early modern Europe and works as Lecturer in Arts, Culture and Media Studies at the Faculty of Arts. He teaches for the Department of Arts, Culture and Media Studies and the BA Minorities & Multilingualism.

Dr Van Leuveren researches the salient role of the performing arts and ceremonial protocol in supporting diplomatic relations between France and its most important European associates in the late sixteenth to seventeenth centuries, including England, Spain and the Low Countries. His research is transnational, comparative and interdisciplinary in scope. It particularly focuses on questions of cultural exchange, translation, identity and spectatorship. His first monograph, Early Modern Diplomacy and French Festival Culture, 1572-1615, is based on his doctoral research at the University of St Andrews, United Kingdom, and is under contract with Brill. 

He is the winner of a Maddock Research Fellowship 2019 (Marsh's Library, Dublin) and a PhD Seventh-Century Studentship in 2014 (University of St Andrews, School of Modern Languages).


Dr Bram van Leuveren teaches both theories and histories of arts, culture and media. His teaching is interdisciplinary and transhistorical in scope. He combines his expertise as a cultural historian of the early modern period with his formal training in contemporary theoretical approaches to arts, culture and media, drawn from performance studies, narratology, representation studies and gender and postcolonial studies, among others.

Dr Van Leuveren previously taught at the University of St Andrews in early modern history, historiography, seventeenth- and eighteenth-century art history and comparative literature.

Modules taught in 2020-2021:
- LHF049B05: Minority Representations in Arts, Culture and Media I.
- LHF050B05: Minority Representations in Arts, Culture and Media II.
- LWX078B10: Narrativity across Media.
- LWX002B10: Theatre II: History and Theory.
- LWX085B05: Theatre: Advanced Seminar.
- LWX999B10: Supervision of Bachelor thesis in Theatre.


Dr Bram van Leuveren combines original archival research with the newest insights from diplomacy, performance, and festival studies, as well as theoretical approaches from anthropology, gender and postcolonial studies, and reception studies. His research seeks to recover the 'voices' of spectators of early modern festivals and performances, particularly in late sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century France, in a wide range of multilingual historical sources, primarily eyewitness accounts by European ambassadors. These sources demonstrate that rather than straightforwardly supporting their courtly or civic commissioners, early modern pageants were often subject to the interpretation and critical evaluation of an international audience of diplomatic stakeholders.

Dr Van Leuveren has also worked with digital humanities approaches, including text mining, and is familiar with computer programming languages such as PHP. 
In January 2020, he completed his postdoctoral project at the University of St Andrews as Research Assistant to Professor Julia Prest for her online database 'Theatre in Saint-Domingue, 1764-1791', which brings together theatre and performance records in the eighteenth-century French colony of Saint-Domingue (now Haiti) and aims to disclose the history of colonial-era theatre:

Other positions

Information Officer, The Society for Court Studies - European Branch Committee.
Coordinator of the International Network for Early Modern Festival Study.
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