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About us How to find us prof. dr. H.P.M. (Bert) Creemers

prof. dr. H.P.M. Creemers

prof. dr. H.P.M. Creemers

  • Co founder, chair person and honorary member of the Dutch Educational Research

  • Association

  • Member of the board and secretary of the Tijdschrift voor Onderwijsresearch (1975 until 1995)

  • Member of the board of the International Journal of Educational Research (1984-1992)

  • Editor School Effectiveness and School Improvement (1989-2005)

  • Editor Educational Research and Evaluation (1994-2005)

  • Board member of the Hong Kong Educational Research Journal (1996-2003)

  • Board member of the Journal of Classroom Interaction (1988-now)

  • Editor of the Onderwijskundig Lexicon (1973-now)

  • Editor of the Handboek Schoolorganisatie en Onderwijsmanagement(1980-now)

  • Member Committee Evaluation of Primary Education (1993-1995)

  • Member Committee Student related budget (t.b.v. het Ministerie van OC&W) (1996)

  • Member Committee Evaluation of Social Sciences in Switzerland (1993)

  • Expert for educational research and development in Mozambique (1988-1991), India (1995-1996-1997) and Indonesië (1995-now)

  • Consultant for the Hong Kong government on quality of education (1999-2002)

  • Chairperson Board Teacher Training College Ubbo Emmius (1985-1989)

  • Member of the board Noordelijke Hogeschool (University for Professional Education) (1989-1992)

  • Member of the board Friesland College (1992-1996)

  • Member of the board of de Stichting PEDON, later Stichting voor Gedragswetenschappen van NWO (Foundation for Scientific Research) (1989-1996)

  • Member of the board of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI) (1989-2001)

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Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences/GION


Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences