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Practical matters How to find us B. (Beatriz) Marin Diaz, PhD


Using salt marshes for coastal protection: Effective but hard to get where needed most

Initiating and upscaling mussel reef establishment with life cycle informed restoration: Successes and future challenges

The importance of marshes providing soil stabilization to resist fast-flow erosion in case of a dike breach

Unravelling foreshore ecosystem dynamics: Applications for ecosystem-based coastal defence

Habitat-overstijgende interacties in het Waddengebied

How grazing management can maximize erosion resistance of salt marshes

On the use of large-scale biodegradable artificial reefs for intertidal foreshore stabilization

Role of eelgrass on bed-load transport and sediment resuspension under oscillatory flow

Saltmarsh elevation, age and grazing as predictors for cliff erosion

How to manage foreshore ecosystems to gain both coastal protection and ecological value?

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Kwelders beschermen de kust niet waar dat het meest nodig is

Kwelders maken dijken veiliger

Onderzoek op Schiermonnikoog: Beweiding van kwelders gaat slijtage tegen