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The cognitive status of chronic subdural hematoma patients after treatment: an exploratory study

Acute serum free thiols: a potentially modifiable biomarker of oxidative stress following traumatic brain injury

A genome-wide association study of outcome from traumatic brain injury

Blood-based biomarkers of inflammation in mild traumatic brain injury: A systematic review

Can We Cluster ICU Treatment Strategies for Traumatic Brain Injury by Hospital Treatment Preferences?

Clustering identifies endotypes of traumatic brain injury in an intensive care cohort: a CENTER-TBI study

Concomitant spine trauma in patients with traumatic brain injury: Patient characteristics and outcomes

Discrepancy between disability and reported well-being after traumatic brain injury

Effect of frailty on 6-month outcome after traumatic brain injury: a multicentre cohort study with external validation

Extended Coagulation Profiling in Isolated Traumatic Brain Injury: A CENTER-TBI Analysis

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