dr. B. (Bart) Hollebrandse

Assistant Professor (tenured)

dr. B. (Bart) Hollebrandse
b.hollebrandse rug.nl


  1. 2001
  2. Hollebrandse, B., Delfitto, D., van Hout, A., & de Vroeg, A. (2001). Italian Sequence of Tense: Complementation or imperfectivity? In AHJ. Do, L. Dominguez, & A. Johansen (Eds.), PROCEEDINGS OF THE 25TH ANNUAL BOSTON UNIVERSITY CONFERENCE ON LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT, VOLS 1 AND 2 (pp. 343-352). (PROCEEDINGS OF THE ANNUAL BOSTON UNIVERSITY CONFERENCE ON LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT). SOMERVILLE: Cascadilla Press.
  3. Hollebrandse, B. (2001). The acquisition of sequence of tense and point of view. In M. Almgren, A. Barrena, MJ. Ezeizabarrena, Idiazabal, & B. MacWhinney (Eds.), Research on Child Language Acquisition, vols 1 and 2 (pp. 1038-1045). Somerville: Cascadilla Press.
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