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How to find us B. (Barbara) Grabowska-Moroz, PhD

B. Grabowska-Moroz, PhD

postdoc researcher
B. Grabowska-Moroz, PhD

June 2017 – PhD in constitutional law [thesis "Kontrola służb specjalnych w Polsce – standardy konstytucyjne i prawnomiędzynarodowe" (The oversight of special security services in Poland – constitutional and international standards), Warsaw University, supervisor – prof. Mirosław Wyrzykowski];

2011-2012 – LL.M. at Central European University in Comparative Constitutional Law (LL.M. thesis: The EU oversight of the intelligence cooperation with U.S. in the field of counter-terrorism after 9/11, supervisor prof. Petra. Bard);

since 28 October 2019 - Member of the Expert Committe on civil rights and special services, Human Rights Commissioner, Poland (

June-November 2018 – coordinator of "Inside Police Custody – Application of EU Procedural Rights" project, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Warsaw);

July 2016-March 2018 – coordinator of “Strengthening procedural rights in criminal proceedings: effective implementation of the right to lawyer/legal aid under Stockholm Programme” project, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Warsaw);
since August 2014 – legal expert in FRANET;

July 2012-November 2018 – coordinator of “Monitoring of legislative process in the field of judiciary”, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Warsaw);

May 2010-July 2011 – coordinator of Strategic Litigation Programme, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Warsaw);

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