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How Do Individuals in a Radical Echo Chamber React to Opposing Views? Evidence from a Content Analysis of Stormfront

New forms of cultural nationalism? American and British Indians in the Trump and Brexit Twittersphere

How to Counter White Supremacist Extremists Online

A “Europe des Nations”: Far right imaginative geographies and the politicization of cultural crisis on Twitter in Western Europe

Content Moderation and Censorship: Can we Handle a Double Standard

Countering Extremists on Social Media: Challenges for Strategic Communication and Content Moderation

Does Campaigning on Social Media Make a Difference?: Evidence From Candidate Use of Twitter During the 2015 and 2017 U.K. Elections

Echo Chambers Exist! (But They're Full of Opposing Views)

Extreme Digital Speech: Contexts, Responses, and Solutions

Far Right Radicalization and White Supremacy Without White Supremacists

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Sur Telegram, l'extrême droite prête à "convertir" les partisans de Trump

Deplatforming works, but it’s not enough to fix Facebook and Twitter

Présidentielle américaine: le retour des trolls russes

Reddit has banned r/The_Donald. Who it bans next matters more

Grootste boycot ooit tegen Facebook

Waarschuwing: deze politicus twittert leugens

How Telegram became a safe haven for pro-terror Nazis

Extreemrechts op Twitter: Wat doe je eraan?

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