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How to find us B.E.A.L. (Birgit) van der Lans, MA

B.E.A.L. van der Lans, MA

PhD student
B.E.A.L. van der Lans, MA


  • PhD student University of Groningen. Dissertation: 'Defining Jewishness and Christian Identity in Claudian-Neronian Rome: Impacts of State Intervention' (2008- )
  • Research Master Theology & Religious Studies, University of Groningen (cum laude). MA Thesis: 'Ancestral Laws and Customs in Graeco-Roman Judaism' (2006-2008)
  • Bachelor Theology, University of Groningen (cum laude). BA Thesis: 'Hagar, Ishmael and Abraham's Household in Josephus' Jewish Antiquities' (2004-2010)
  • Bachelor Religious Studies, University of Groningen (cum laude). BA Thesis: 'The Heavenly Jerusalem in Early Christian Identity Formations' (2001-2007)

Further academic training

  • Didactic skills for academic teaching, Aug-Sep 2010
  • Research stay at the University of Oxford, under supervision of Prof Martin D. Goodman (Oriental Institute), Oct - Dec 2009.
  • Interacademic Course on Greek Epigraphy at the Netherlands Institute at Athens, taught by Prof O.M. van Nijf and Dr L.E. Tacoma, 7-15 June 2009.
  • Graduate Visiting Student at the University of Oxford, under supervision of Prof Martin D. Goodman (Oriental Institute), Jan-March 2008.


Papers and invited lectures


  • ‘Symboolpolitiek en vreemdelingenretoriek in vroegkeizerlijk Rome’ (invited), 30 January, Societas Graeca et Latina, Groningen
  • 'Jews in Early Imperial Rome: Mobility, Translocality and Difference’ (invited), conference ‘Moving Romans: Migration in the Roman Principate’, 6 - 8 January, Rome


  • 'Ethnic Pride and Prejudice? Limitations and Possibilities of Rome's Epigraphic Record', EABS Graeco-Roman Society and the New Testament section, 31 July - 2 August, Leipzig
  • (with George H. van Kooten), ‘Cultural Encounters between Greeks, Jews, Christians and Romans in the Early Roman Empire: Natural Law and Civil Laws in Philo, Josephus and Paul', CRASIS Annual Meeting, 21 January, Groningen


  • 'Say hi to all for me! Romans 16 in its Epistolary Context', SBL International/EABS Graeco-Roman Society and the New Testament section, 22-26 July, Amsterdam
  • 'Border Control in First-Century Rome', (invited) SSEC Seminar Macquarie University, 3 April, Sydney
  • 'Paul's Trophy Friends: Claiming connectivity in Rome', CRASIS Annual Meeting on Cultures of Networks in the Ancient Mediterranean - Masterclass Greg Woolf, 9-10 February, Groningen


  • 'Polluting Foreigners: The Symbolic Value of Expulsions of Jews and Others from Rome', SBL AnnuaMeeting, Hellenistic Judaism Section, 19-22 November, San Francisco
  • ´Remember the Forefathers: Ancestral Rhetoric in Graeco-Roman Judaism´, U4 Doctoral School Collaboration: Myth, Memory and Mimesis, 9-12 February, Rome


  • 'Polluting Foreigners: Expulsions from Rome as Symbolic Statements', Impact of Empire (OIKOS Research Group) - Work in Progress Meeting, 17 December, Nijmegen
  • 'The Symbolic Value of Expulsions from Rome: Paul’s Letter to the Romans and Imperial Power Politics'; SBL International Meeting / EABS, Section Early Christianity between Judaism and Hellenism:Imperial Power Politics and Early Christianity, 26-30 July, Tartu
  • 'Oorsprong van het christendom: tussen jodendom en hellenisme?', Protestantse gemeente Zutphen, 15 maart, Zutphen
  • ‘Early Christianity and Imperial Politics, U4 Doctoral School Co-operation: Identity and Cultural Transfer in Antiquity, 1-5 February, Athens
  • ‘Wortels van het christendom: hellenisme, jodendom, en de ‘scheiding der wegen’, Protestantse gemeente Eelde-Paterswolde, 11 januari , Eelde


  • 'Tolerance among Jews in First-Century Rome: The Impact of State Interference'; Seminar on Jewish History and Literature in the Graeco-Roman Period (Toleration and Variety within Judaism in Late Antiquity), Oriental Institute University of Oxford, 24 Nov, Oxford
  • 'Legitimizing Particularity: Ancestral Boundary Markers between Jews and Non-Jews'; European Association of Biblical Studies Annual Conference (Early Christianity/Rabbinics Joint Seminar: The Use of the Bible for Group Demarcation), 26-30 July, Lincoln


  • ‘De hervertelling van het verhaal van Hagar en Ismaël (Gen 16 en 21:1-21) in Josephus' Joodse Oudheden’, Open University, 25 September, Den Bosch


  • ‘Hagar, Ishmael, and Abraham’s Household in Josephus’ Jewish Antiquities’; Themes in Biblical Narrative Conference, 12-13 October, Groningen


EABS (European Association of Biblical Studies); SBL (Society of Biblical Literature); OIKOS (associate; National Research School in Classical studies); NOSTER (Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion); EAJS (European Association of Jewish Studies); NGG (Dutch Association for the Study of Religion)


Administration and Organisation

Organisation and coordination monthly CRASIS Ancient World Seminar; CRASIS PR and website maintenance (2010-2014)

Chair of the research programme ‘Graeco-Roman Society and the New Testament’of the European Association of Biblical Studies (with Ekaterini Tsalampouni, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) (2013-)

Phd advisory member of the Centre for Religious Studies (CRS) (2009-2011); Member of the faculty council (2009-2010); Secretary to the Department of Biblical Studies (2009-2011)


Research grants and prizes

2010   Prof.dr. H.G. Hubbelingprijs (award for the best MA thesis in three years)

2008   NWO Toptalent 2008

2007  Grants for period of study at the University of Oxford as a Graduate Visiting Student:

- Groninger Universiteitsfonds: Grant for Excellent Students

- Stichting Dr. Hendrik Muller’s Vaderlandsch Fonds

- Marco Polo Fonds

- Faculteit Godgeleerdheid en Godsdienstwetenschap Travel Grant

- Vlaggenindustrie Groningen

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