prof. dr. B.D.H.K. (Britas Klemens) Eriksson

Associate Professor Marine Ecology


Research units:

  1. Data from: A cross-scale trophic cascade from large predatory fish to algae in coastal ecosystems

    Donadi, S. (Creator), Austin, A. N. (Creator), Bergstrom, U. (Creator), Eriksson, K. (Creator), Hansen, J. P. (Creator), Jacobson, L. P. (Creator), Sundblad, G. (Creator), van Regteren, M. (Creator), Eklof, J. S. (Creator), University of Groningen, 3-Aug-2017


  2. Data from: Biodiversity change is uncoupled from species richness trends: Consequences for conservation and monitoring

    Hillebrand, H. (Creator), Blasius, B. (Creator), Borer, E. T. (Creator), Chase, J. M. (Creator), Downing, J. A. (Creator), Eriksson, K. (Creator), Filstrup, C. T. (Creator), Harpole, W. S. (Creator), Hodapp, D. (Creator), Larsen, S. (Creator), Lewandowska, A. M. (Creator), Seabloom, E. W. (Creator), Van de Waal, D. B. (Creator), Ryabov, A. B. (Creator), University of Groningen, 20-Jun-2017


  3. Data from: Effects of experimental warming on biodiversity depend on ecosystem type and local species composition

    Gruner, D. S. (Creator), Bracken, M. E. S. (Creator), Berger, S. A. (Creator), Eriksson, K. (Creator), Gamfeldt, L. (Creator), Matthiessen, B. (Creator), Moorthi, S. (Creator), Sommer, U. (Creator), Hillebrand, H. (Creator), University of Groningen, 25-Jul-2016


ID: 288542