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Practical matters How to find us dr. B. (Bauke) Buwalda

dr. B. (Bauke) Buwalda

Associate professor

Research projects for master students:

Behavioral, physiological and neurobiological research in animal models for social stress.

- Studying adaptive and maladaptive consequences of social stress in the so-called resident-intruder model where intruder males are repeatedly attacked and defeated by stronger residential males.

- Studying chronic stress of social subordination in rats in semi-natural social colonies like the Visible Burrow System. Male and female rats are housed together in colonies where rapidly a social hierarchical structure is formed with dominant as well as subordinate individuals. Depending on individual characteristics and environmental conditions animals with low (but also high) social ranking positions are exposed to chronic social stress. Mechanisms involved in failing adaptation as reflected in stress-related pathologies are studied. 

Participation in bachelor and master courses:

Bachelor education Life Sciences:

1rst year:

  • Physiology (coördinator)
  • Human Physiology & Pathology 
  • First year symposium (3-4 poster groups)
  • Research Skills 

2nd year:

  • Neurobiology of Aging
  • Psychobiology

3rd year:

  • Neurowetenschappen Research
  • Vrije minor Neurowetenschappen
  • Minorcongres (co-coordinator)

Master education Biology (spec. Neurosciences); BCN Res. Master, Biomedical Sciences

  • Neurobiology of Nutrition (second coordinator)
  • Orientation on International Scientific Careers (coordinator)
  • Colloquia
  • Thesises
  • Research projects
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