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Estimating the money flow in the economy attributed to rotavirus disease and vaccination in the Netherlands using a Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) framework

Economic Analysis of Vaccination Programs

Exploring new ways of measuring the economic value of vaccination with an application to the prevention of rotaviral disease

Improvement in hospital Quality of Care (QoC) after the introduction of rotavirus vaccination: An evaluation study in Belgium

Budget constraint and vaccine dosing: A mathematical modelling exercise

Comparing Cost-Effectiveness Results for a Vaccine Across Different Countries Worldwide: What Can We Learn?

Economics of vaccines revisited

Estimating and comparing the clinical and economic impact of paediatric rotavirus vaccination in Turkey using a simple versus an advanced model

Impact of Rotavirus Vaccination on Hospitalisations in Belgium: Comparing Model Predictions with Observed Data

The Impact of Rotavirus Vaccination on Discounted Net Tax Revenue in Egypt A Government Perspective Analysis

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