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Machine-learning myoelectric prosthesis control: towards the advancement of assessing functional use and control skill

Testing the Use of Advanced Upper Limb Prostheses: Towards Quantifying the Movement Quality with Inertial-Magnetic Measurement Units

Analysis of Neural Network based Proportional Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis Control

Exploring the relationship between EMG feature space characteristics and control performance in machine learning myoelectric control

User training for machine learning controlled upper limb prostheses: a serious game approach

Serious gaming to generate separated and consistent EMG patterns in pattern-recognition prosthesis control

Should Hands Be Restricted When Measuring Able-Bodied Participants To Evaluate Machine Learning Controlled Prosthetic Hands?

Comparison of EMG pattern separability in the affected and non-affected arm in individuals with amputation

Mimicking EMG features of amputated limbs by restricting unaffected limbs

The effect of feedback during training sessions on learning pattern-recognition based prosthesis control

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