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dr. A.T. (Antine) Zijlstra

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dr. A.T. (Antine) Zijlstra

Antine Zijlstra is:

- Member of lectoraat Multilangualism (NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences).

- Member of the working group 'The Theatrical Event' of the International Federation of Theater Research (IFTR). Link:

Recent article: Zijlstra, A., Cremona, V.A., Saro, A. (2022) 'Amateur theatre in Europe: Organisation, challenges, and values', in: Remshardt, Ralf and Aneta Mancewicz ed. Routledge Companion to Contemporary European Theatre and Performance, Routledge: London (forthcoming).

- Research member of 'Project on European Theatre Systems' (STEP). Main goal is the comparison of the theatre systems of small European countries, because the general research in theatre untill now is dominantly carried out in the bigger countries. At this moment seven European countries participate: Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Switzerland. 

A special issue of the journal Amfitheater on the work of the STEP city project, offering a full statistical portrait and analysis of the theatrical life of six smaller cities around Europe. This represents one of the largest data sets on theatrical audience experience (over 10,000 respondents) currently available.  Full text of all articles (in English and Slovenian) is available at the link:

Article '“I was utterly mesmerised”: Audience experiences of different theatre types and genres in four European cities.

The working group 'STEP-City' is working on a book about the methodological approach STEP developed (Routlegde, series Audience and Reception research in Theatre Studies). 

Edelman, J., A. Szabó, Toome, H-L., Wilders, M., Zijlstra, A. (ed.) 'Studying European Theatre Audiences: The STEP City Study' (Routledge Audience Research series 2022) (forthcoming 2022/2023)

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