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How to find us dr. A.T. (Antine) Zijlstra

dr. A.T. Zijlstra

Docent Kunstmarketing
dr. A.T. Zijlstra

Antine Zijlstra is a junior research member of 'Project on European Theatre Systems' (STEP). The international research group  is an initiative of Prof. Dr. Hans van Maanen (University of Groningen, the Netherlands) and Prof. Dr. Andreas Kotte (University of Bern, Switzerland). Main goal is the comparison of the theatre systems of small European countries, because the general research in theatre untill now is dominantly carried out in the bigger countries. At this moment seven European countries participate: Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Switzerland.

The participating researchers meet yearly during a symposium in one of the countries (Groningen 2005, Bern 2006, Debrecen 2007, Groningen and Tartu 2008, Lissabon 2009, Groningen 2010, Aarhus 2011). The main interest of this meeting is exchange of knowledge and experience and working together on specific topics that should result in publications. It is also a place for PhD and junior researchers to meet senior researchers.

At the moment there are three study groups working on relevant topics: the policy group (autonomy), the values group (methodology of value research) and the city group (international comparison of theatre supply, theatre systems and audiences). These subgroups also meet regularly.

The outcomes of (joined) research will be published in books (including dissertations) in all participating countries, thereby making international comparison possible, as well as reflection on specific regional problems in a broader context.

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