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Not all cells are created equal - endosomal escape in fluorescent nanodiamonds in different cells

Quantum monitoring the metabolism of individual yeast mutant strain cells when aged, stressed or treated with antioxidant

Targeting Nanodiamonds to the Nucleus in Yeast Cells

The Fate of Lipid-Coated and Uncoated Fluorescent Nanodiamonds during Cell Division in Yeast

Nanodiamond uptake in colon cancer cells: the influence of direction and trypsin-EDTA treatment

Optical Detection of Intracellular Quantities Using Nanoscale Technologies

Paving the way for intracellular detection of free radicals with nanodiamond magnetometry

Fluorescent nanodiamonds: potential free radical detectors in live cells

Toward Using Fluorescent Nanodiamonds To Study Chronological Aging in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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