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Agreement Processing in Dutch Adults with Dyslexia

Morphosyntactic processing in Dutch adults with dyslexia: an ERP study

What can brain responses tell us about differences in morphosyntactic processing between adults with and without dyslexia?

An​ ​ERP​ ​auditory​ ​study​ ​on​ ​the​ ​processing​ ​of​ ​gender​ ​and​ ​number​ ​agreement​ ​by​ ​Dutch​ ​adults​ ​with developmental​ ​dyslexia

Gender and number agreement processing in Dutch adults with developmental dyslexia: an ERP study: an ERP study

Does distance between agreeing elements influence gender agreement processing in Dutch? An ERP study

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Studenten met dyslexie centraal