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Enabling large-scale design, synthesis and validation of small molecule protein-protein antagonists

Chemistry and Biology Of Multicomponent Reactions

Efficient Assembly of Iminodicarboxamides by a "Truly" Four-Component Reaction

Amenamevir by Ugi-4CR

‘Chemistry at the speed of sound’: Automated 1536-well nanoscale synthesis of 16 scaffolds in parallel

A Bifurcated Multicomponent Synthesis Approach to Polycyclic Quinazolinones

Access to Isoquinolin-2(1 H)-yl-acetamides and Isoindolin-2-yl-acetamides from a Common MCR Precursor

Biphenyl Ether Analogs Containing Pomalidomide as Small-Molecule Inhibitors of the Programmed Cell Death-1/Programmed Cell Death-Ligand 1 Interaction

Comparing the Metabolic Profiles Associated with Fitness Status between Insulin-Sensitive and Insulin-Resistant Non-Obese Individuals

Computer- and NMR-Aided Design of Small-Molecule Inhibitors of the Hub1 Protein

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Merck’s Covid Pill Fumble Gives Pfizer Potential $17 Billion Win

Automated and Accelerated Synthesis of Indole Derivatives on a Nano-Scale

Computational chemistry, Medicijnen & Farmacologie, Organische chemie

Supersnelle boorzuurchemie dankzij syntheserobot

Supersnelle boorzuurchemie dankzij syntheserobot

Acoustic robot races through chemical reactions

Bedumer Winterloop 2016

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