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Teaching and (Un)learning International Law in Qatar

Case comment, AComHPR, Gabriel Shumba v Republic of Zimbabwe, Communication No 288/2004

Case comment, ACtHPR, Andrew Ambrose Cheusi v United Republic of Tanzania, 26 June 2020

Case comment, ACtHPR, Gombert v Côte d’Ivoire, Judgement of 22 March 2018,

Case comment, ACtHPR, Léon Mugesera v Republic of Rwanda, Judgment of 27 November

Case comment ACtHPR, The Matter of Anudo Ochieng Anudo v. United Republic of Tanzania, Judgment of 22 March 2018

Designing for the Best Composition of International Courts: The Value of Diverse and Specialised International Law Expertise on the Bench


Balancing test (ACtHPR)

International Law for the Sustainable Development Goals

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Interview for Student Weblog

Internet's Standardisation Bodies as the Guardians of Privacy Online in the Face of Mass Surveillance

Guest post on Fair Trials blog

Oxford University Press Cybersecurity Month

Legal, Technical, and Common Sense Privacy

The Extradition of the Eight Military Officers to Turkey Violates Greek and International Law

Legal expert calls for ‘careful application’ of cybercrime law

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