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prof. dr. A.P. Grootjans

prof. dr. A.P. Grootjans

In 2007 Grootjans was appointed as visiting professor at the Radboud University of Nijmegen (2007-2016), where he teaches Eco-hydrology of Wetlands. This cooperation led to joint PhD projects on (i) ecology and greenhouse gas emissions in extensive peatlands in Tierra del Fuego (Argentina); 2006-2011, (ii) comparison of the ecology and eco-physiology of Sphagnum  mosses in Tierra del Fuego and the Netherlands (2006-2011, in cooperation with the department of Plant Physiology of the University of Groningen, (iii) comparison of adaptation of cushion plants in Tierra del Fuego and Bale Mountains in Ethiopia (2013). Grootjans is also very active in the field of international peatland conservation. He has been invited regularly to assess restoration prospects and evaluate the results of large scale restoration projects, worldwide (Belarus, 2010, Poland/Slovakia, 2010, Switzerland 2011, France 2011, England and Wales, 2010, 2011, 2013, South-Africa 2010-2013).


Apart from peatland research, a focus point is also on Dynamic Coastal Management, in which safety measures along the coast are combined with natural processes that form dunes, wetlands and salt marshes.  The IVEM research on coastal wetlands (dune slacks) is aimed at understanding the interaction between hydrological processes and plant species adaptation, in particular those species (like orchids) that are critically endangered in Western-Europe. With this knowledge we can assess restoration prospects of the wetlands. Long-term monitoring programs, financed by the Ministry of Economic affairs, Water companies and NAM, permit a sound evaluation of the sustainability of the restoration measures. Within the framework of this research we aim to develop new strategies for a more natural and dynamic coastal development. The research is pursued in both fundamental issues (includes population genetic studies on rare dune slack species since 2009 (R. Shahrudin) in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam, dr. Kooijman and dr. Oostermeijer), and in applications in conservation and landscape planning.

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